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Kaizen Performance Series Pure Native Isolate – The Most Nutritious Protein On The Market?

Kaizen Performance Series has dedicated itself to clean and high-quality nutrition so that you can stay fit and improves your health, wherever you are. The Kaizen Performance Series provides natural food nutrition for well-trained athletes who carry out daily to overcome their goals and cultivate their personal best.

An Overview of Pure Native Isolate

The Pure Native Isolate is not a refined, processed cold and ultrafiltered. It is rich in natural vital amino acids, and the less processing extractions keep protein integrity. It is different from regular whey proteins regarding the native whey which pasteurized only once, which helps keep the vital components of milk.

The first ingredient is skim milk, combined with clean and mild cleansing processes generates muscle retention just in 30-minutes to get maximum muscle support, development and functionality.

The Pure Native Isolate nourished from older cows raised in open-air pastures in French fields. Using mild to low temperatures indigenous wheels are removed directly from the fresh milk but not as an outcome of cheese making procedure. The outcome is natural, high-quality protein-based integrity and contains many branches of amino acids – that includes leucine, which is essential for muscle growth along with tissue repair.

The Perks Of Pure Native Isolate

• 30 grams protein in each scoop
• Sourced from the grass-fed cows
• Doesn’t contain any rBST hormones
• Gluten-free
• Non-GMO
• Contains moderate amount of lactose
• Free from peanuts
• Tested and certified by the NSF which leads in independent testing.


You can vary the liquid amount for getting the desired flavour along with sweetness level. Then blend and shake for about twenty to thirty seconds until the powder gets mixed well with the liquid.

Side Note: The amazing thing with this protein is that once mixed with a clear blender bottle you can see the ball!!


When it comes to texture and taste, Pure Native Isolate is refreshing, and it goes down smooth and with no grit. Kaizen Performance Pure Native Isolate comes in two different flavours, chocolate, and vanilla flavour. The flavour we tested is vanilla. But, it depends on your choice which flavour you like best.

How To Use Pure Native Isolate

Take one scoop daily. Mix a scoop with 150 ml cold water or you can mix it with your preferred beverage. It is recommended to take the Pure Native Isolate a few hours earlier than taking in other medications.

Final Verdict

Kaizen Performance Series Pure Native Isolate is an excellent protein powder with a valuable offer of 22 servings per bottle. It is another unique product that Kaizen made to provide you nothing but results. When we did our product demo for our customers, There’s no doubt that Pure Native Isolate was a favorite whey protein isolate. It‘s hard to find some cons, but one we can think of is no 5lbs bottle, its pros like, no rBST hormones, gluten-free, non-GMO and zero banned substances will make this product one of the most nutritious proteins on the market.

You can buy Kaizen Performance Series Pure Native Isolate online HEREThey will arrive within few days of order, or you can order at our local Ingersoll location.


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