Learn How to Shop Smarter for Wholesale Bodybuilding Supplements in Canada

10 Tips for Buying Supplements in Canada Online

With the huge selection of online supplement stores in Canada, here are ten tips to prevent the common pitfalls and traps associated with purchasing health supplements online.

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1. Visible Contact Information.
Make sure the online store clearly posts their contact information. Visible contact information enhances credibility and trust. If you cannot find their business address and phone number, be cautious providing this website any valuable information.
2. Read Store Policies
These include returns, damaged/incorrect orders, back orders, security…etc. Good online supplements stores in Canada will clearly describe what is returnable in what time frame. Great supplements stores offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money-back Guarantee which shows the company is serious about customer service.
3. Are They Like You?
Reading the About Us section will give you an idea of what the company you are buying from believes in, values and aims to achieve. Reading the About Us section is often overlooked as when company values match your own; your shopping experience tends to be more positive. Mission statements offer an additional bonus showing that the company has direction and is working towards fulfilling a purpose.
4. Make Contact.
Call or email the store before you make a purchase, even if you are determined on the product and price. Their timeliness and thoroughness of their response is a great indicator of how they operate once the order is placed. No Response, No Order. This tip can be a lifesaver to weed out phony online supplement stores in Canada.
5. Location,Location,Location.
Look for established online supplements stores with physical locations. These stores are a strong indicator that they are not fly-by-night websites, have the products to choose from (if you are in the local area) and provide all the additional pieces outlined in this list.
6. International Risk.
Unless you are 100% sure of the online supplement store, be aware when buying from an international nutrition store. Even though you may find a cheaper cost, products of this nature are at a higher risk when crossing the border do to the fact that Health Canada may ban some product ingredients and often orders are searched, damaged or even seized.
7. Conduct a Small Test Transaction.
When you place your order monitor how long to the arrival date and ensure you receive an email confirmation, printable invoice and tracking number at the time of purchase. If all goes well, this precautionary step will give you greater piece of mind and confidence to complete a larger transaction.
8. Online Security
On the checkout page look for “HTTPS” in the address bar as opposed to just “HTTP” (the “s” stands for SECURE). Also, ensure a lock is on the bottom of the web browser (Double clicking the lock will pop-up the security validation details). Never put in your financial information if you do not see those two items.
9. Read The Websites Reviews.
Leverage the shopping experiences of other customers who have provided feedback on the website’s forum, reviews page, business pages or social media platforms. By reading the feedback, you will have a general idea of past customer experiences and can use the information to contribute to your buying decisions.
10. Shop around.
There is a great selection of online supplement stores in Canada. Do not think that because many websites have the same products, that they are all created equal. When you take into account the overall value provided (refer to the above nine tips), the right supplement store for you might not be the one with the lowest price.

Follow these ten tips, and you will worry less and improve your health more when shopping online for wholesale bodybuilding supplements.

10 Tips for Buying Supplements in Canada Online

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