Secrets For Living Ripped Year-Round

A lot of times getting ripped can be viewed as an important must-do activity rather than the daily norm. Occasionally during the year, we suddenly realize that we are not doing enough and then go into overdrive with our training and diets.

The key to reaching and maintaining our best self physically and mentally is not by having frantic crash courses now and then but by keeping a consistent rhythm of few habits all year round. These essential practices include:

Secrets For Living Ripped Year-Round - Doing More Reps |

1. Doing More Reps

It can be tempting to overlook the old-school bodyweight exercise moves and dig into soul-crushing squats and big benches to help build muscle in a big way. However, being consistent in the standard workouts such sprints, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, bodyweight squats, lunges and other exercises can maintain results.

Higher reps of seemingly quickly workouts can help build muscle as fewer reps of intense workouts. Of course, heavier workouts tend to build more strength, but interestingly you still build the same muscle. The lesson here is to do more reps until you can’t do one more.

2. Prepare for Meals

Diet plays a big part in staying ripped all year-round, and you cannot leave your nutrition needs to chance. Planning and preparing meals in advance helps to ensure that you are covered nutritionally whatever time of the day and no matter where you are.

A good strategy is to carve out some time during the weekend to cook meals enough for the week ahead. Meal Prep involves ensuring that your meals are healthy and nutritious and then simply packing them appropriately and storing in the fridge. Meal Prep saves you the hassle and temptation of eating a far less healthy meal simply because you didn’t have the time to prepare one.

In addition to meals, make healthy snacks such as nuts, beef jerky, protein powder and other easy-to-reach foods and have them within reach in your home, car, and office. Eating healthy snacks helps to ensure that you attain your daily nutritional goal quickly.

Secrets For Living Ripped Year-Round Focus on Growth and Recovery | NutritionOutlet.ca3. Focus on Growth and Recovery, not Fat Loss

It is easy to focus on fat-loss which creates a mentality of measuring progress regarding fat-loss instead of measuring progress concerning meeting nutritional goals through healthy eating and workout performance and recovery.

Rather than having a mindset of ‘Get Ripped’ switch up your thinking to ‘Stay Ripped.’ Focus on having three priorities in this order: maximizing health by sticking to a healthy diet with supplements, optimal workout performance and fueling your training and helping your body recovery post-workout.

4. Be Selfish

Finding time to workout, prepare meals and everything in between can sometimes feel like a conflict with your other pressing responsibilities. The important lesson is to find the time to go to the gym and know what your reasons are – do it for the right reasons.

Get up early, go the gym and invest in yourself. When you do the best for yourself, you are then able to be your best self for the people in your life. That’s how to live ripped all year-round.

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