High-Intensity Interval Training Against The Aging Process

High-Intensity Interval Training is considered to be one of the most effective and popular methods to lose weight. The technique involves incorporating interval training into the cardiovascular exercises in short intensive sprints of exercises. The purpose is to make the body burn more fat by giving it periods of intense aerobic exercises with shorter recovery times. So, the technique is to hit multiple sprints of three to five minutes with very short intervals in between. This may sound easy but is extremely difficult when done.

High-Intensity Interval Training Against The Aging Process

HIIT Training

Based on the body mass and the lifestyle, the high-intensity interval or HIIT training technique can vary. You can start out slow to increase the intensity as you move along the line. When doing the HIIT sprint, it is important to understand how the basic energy system of our body works. The aerobic system is dependent on the number of red blood cells in our body which provide us oxygen during intensive workouts without giving us fatigue of any kind. The anaerobic system, on the other hand, is responsible for providing us with energy for at least one minute, after the body has run out of oxygen. Switching between the two systems allows the body to build endurance and burn fats at a much faster pace. The HIIT workout tends to increase the body’s performance when working under either of the two energy systems and remove excess fat in bulk.  The diet plays an important part in this role and helps fulfill the purpose too.

High-Intensity Interval Training Against The Aging Process

HIIT Slows Down Aging

However, these are not the only benefits of sprint interval training. It has been observed that the body’s sensitivity to insulin was improved and it also improved the overall protein synthesis in the body. This has been beneficial in slowing down the aging process too. It was observed that people aged between 18 and 30 showed 49% improved energy levels while those belonging to the older age group exhibited 69% increase in the overall energy of their body.The elevated energy levels along with protein synthesis can help with the reversal of the aging process.

So HIIT is not only beneficial when it comes to lose weight and get back into shape but also to improve the quality of life that you are living. It can give you the strength and the energy to enjoy all things in your life in a much better way.

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