28-Day Beginner’s Fat-Burning Diet and Meal Plan

Weight loss requires a well-planned diet, the shift in lifestyle and discipline. Food offers your body the necessary nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Vitamins and minerals detoxify and cleanse the body. Lifestyle changes include eating at the right time, the right amount and the best foods. Discipline ensures you stick to the weight loss plan. Beginners require extreme self-control to contain the urge to snack between meals or reach out for just one piece of chips.

Here is a plan that will help you burn the unnecessary body fat in less than a month.


Weight training

In weight loss, diet and exercise go hand in hand, like two boat oars. Ignore one of them, and you will be stuck with your body shape. When deciding on a fat burning workout, you should seek the guidance of an expert. There are a variety of weight loss exercises ranging from light weight to heavy weight. An expert will be of help in determining the one that is best for you.

28-Day Beginner Fat-Burning Diet

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are some of the best fat burning programs. They are flexible and less taxing. Cardio exercises include running, cycling, jogging, climbing, skipping, rowing and sports. When using these exercises only without weight training, do 3-5 session per day for fast results. Every session should last for 45-60 minutes. 2-3 cardio sessions are sufficient if you are doing weight training too.

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Resistant trainings

For beginners, resistance training such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, bench press, press-ups, etc., are useful in toning body shape. Since the activities are intense, they burn energy stored in the form of body fats. As a starter, you will notice the changes within the first three sessions. Each session should have a combination of multi-joint exercises as well as single joint exercises. Single joint exercises include triceps dips, bicep curl, calf raises and much more. To avoid injury, have a professional trainer guide you through.

28-Day Beginner Fat-Burning Diet


Many people do not realize the health benefits of remaining properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water during the exercises and in the course of the day. Eight glasses per day are the recommended minimum. As you exercise, you will require more water to get rid of toxins produced during the exercise. A trick for increasing water intake is to drink warm water.

28-Day Beginner Fat-Burning Diet

Meal plan

Here’s an example of how combining the right amount of Carbohydrates (Carb), Proteins (Prot) and Fats (Fat) for a 26 years old female 5 ft. 9 inches with a current weight of 150 Pounds, with the desired weight of 130 Pounds. His current Body Fat Percentage is 14%, current RMR is 1700 Calories/Day and present BMR is 1653 Calories/Day.28-Day Beginner Fat-Burning Diet Meal Plan


Banana, raw : 1 medium (7″ to 7-7/8″ long) : 109 cal
Wheat germ, plain : 16g : 61 cal
Oatmeal, cooked, regular, fat not added in cooking : 1/2 cup, cooked : 73 cal

Total Calories: 242 Carb=48g Prot=8.9g Fat=3.5g

Snack AM/ Mid-Day

Apple, raw : 1 small (2-1/2″ dia) (approx 4 per lb) : 63 cal
Celery, raw : 1 medium stalk (7-1/2″ – 8″ long) : 6 cal
Raisins : 1/2 cup : 218 cal Delete
Popcorn, air-popped (no butter or no oil added) : 2 cup, popped : 61 cal
Peanut butter : 1 tablespoon : 95 cal
Flax seeds : 1 Typical Serving : 45 cal
Sunflower seeds, hulled, roasted, without salt : 1/8 cup, hulled : 104 cal
Yogurt, plain, nonfat milk : 1/2 cup (8 fl oz) : 68 cal
Raisins : 1/4 cup : 109 cal

Total Calories: 768 Carb=134g Prot=22g Fat=23g


Orange, raw : 2 medium (2-5/8″ dia) : 123 cal
Yogurt, plain, nonfat milk : 1 cup (8 fl oz) : 137 cal
Turkey : 2 thin slice (approx 3″ x 2″ x 1/8″) : 58 cal
Black, brown, or Bayo beans, dry, cooked, fat not added in cooking : 1/2 cup : 99 cal

Total Calories: 416 Carb=68g Prot=31g Fat=3.9g


Soft drink, cola-type, sugar-free : 1 can (12 fl oz) : 4 cal
Beef steak, braised, lean only eaten : 4 oz, boneless, cooked, lean only : 253 cal
Sweetpotato, baked, peel eaten, fat not added in cooking : 1/2 medium (2″ dia x 5″ long, raw) : 90 cal
Mushrooms, raw : 1/2 cup, pieces or slices : 9 cal

Total Calories: 355 Carb=23g Prot=40g Fat=10g

Snack PM

Almonds : 1 oz (22 whole kernels) : 167 cal Delete

Total Calories: 167 Carb=5.8g Prot=5.7g Fat=15g

NutritionOutlet.ca Meal Plan Report Card



Total Calories: 1949   Carb=279g Prot=108g Fat=55g

Meal plans are necessary for weight loss programs to control calorie intake. Calories are the primary energy source. If you have excess calories your body, you will not burn any fats during exercises as fats are reserve energy stores. Low-calorie levels also result in reduced energy which has its plethora of health issues. There exists no one-for-all diet plan for burning fats. However, there are three weight loss diet principles which you need to consider to achieve your prime shape within a month.

Rule 1: No processed foods

For 28 days, eat only fresh foods. Minimize intake of processed foods. Many processed foods are laden with sugar and food additives. These are detrimental to your health and hinder the achievement of your mission.

Rule No 2: Watch your carbohydrate intake

Carbs are energy giving foods. To shed body fat in one month, get rid of fast or simple carbs from your plate. Simple carbs include refined sugar, white rice, white bread, etc. Wholesome carbohydrates such oats, brown rice, whole grain bread, and potatoes are the best meals during this period. Unlike simple sugars, complex sugars keep your body’s energy levels balanced. However, remain disciplined. 100 to 150 grams of carbs per day is enough.

RuleNo 3: Don’t forget your Proteins

You do not want to lose muscle together with the fat. So eat the proper amount of proteins. Dietary rules require 1 gram of proteins for every pound of body weight. You can get your protein from legumes and nuts, but you need to eat plenty of those to attain daily needs. Egg whites, lean meats, and poultry are rich protein sources. In case you weigh more than 250 pounds, you may have to take protein supplements. Also, if your weight is under 180 pounds, your protein intake should be 3 ounces less than the daily recommendation.

Most importantly, before undertaking any diet program, seek the counsel of a Nutritionist. The health specialist will offer professional advice on the best food choices based on the available options. Also, if you have conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, your diet can vary considerably. Lastly, remember to stick to your plan for 28 days.

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